To all of our member dentists, staff, and family-

I am reaching out to convey the recommendations from the California Dental Association.

“The CDA strongly recommends that dentists practicing in California voluntarily suspend nonessential or non-urgent dental Care for the next 14 days.”

The NCDS has taken these recommendations seriously and recommends adhearance to the latest recommendations.  Myself being in private solo practice I am fully aware the hardships this places on everyone.  It is our responsibility as health care providers to do everything in our power to reduce the spread of Covid 19.  Having said that, it is also our responsibility to reduce the load of er/medical facilities from tooth emergencies requiring urgent treatment.  The CDA website has these recommendations for confronting Covid 19.  It is up to our member dentists/supervisors to determine the logistics of staying open/closing but there should be at a minimum a way for patients to contact their office to accommodate an urgent dental emergency.

Stay strong during these difficult times, we are all learning more by the hour and the NCDS will keep you updated with the latest as we hear.  Please use the CDA website as they are posting the most current dental info regarding this situation.


Maurice Trusas, NCDS president


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